Startup Vocabulary

April 9, 2012 1 comment

The following are terms you’ll hear me say that are common as startup entrepreneur (not just trying to impress you)

  • Break-Even – When total revenue = total cost
  • Capital – The money used to operate a business
  • Niche – A very targeted market segment
  • Pivot – Modifying a business model
  • Startup – A newly created company that has a limited operating history
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The Adventure Continues

April 1, 2012 Leave a comment

My adventures of startups started back in 1998 just shortly after the internets became popular.I had recently left a company doing client-server development to venture off into the world of .com consulting in the Boston area. Improving my technical and management skills I was blessed to have grown a small and highly profitable professional services firm.

Moving to Atlanta in the fall of 2010 was a kinda rebirth for me…

This blog serves to chronicle my adventures in startups with a focus on entrepreneurship and customer/product development as a tech co-founder, mentor, marketeer, and investor.

In addition to this blog you can find me on twitter discussing  #atlanta #tech #startup #entrepreneur #leadership #mentor #marketer #lean #vc #investor

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