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Atlanta Startup Weekend #atlsw

Had a great time at Atlanta Startup Weekend 2012 that was hosted at the Atlanta Technology Development Center, a startup accelerator, located on the campus of Georgia Tech.

I’ve been gestating an idea for a while and even prepared a pitch for the event. The plan was listen the other 48 pitches and make a determination if there was a project I was interested in before stepping forward. I was able to find three that I could associate with and thus bagged my idea.

After the pitching was complete attendees were able to interview the idea holders and vote for which ideas they liked (interesting how for a weekend project most people are willing to work on something fun even if it is not viable… more on this in a bit).

Attendees were able to vote with three post-it-notes. You could vote for three ideas or give all your votes to one. I waited till the voting process was just about complete and cast two votes for one idea and one for another.

Ideas with 8 or more votes made it for the weekend. And attendees could self-select any team to work with.

As often found, most of the pitch submissions where from marketers and SME’s (subject matter experts) and thus used the brief time to determination how best to contribute. Part of that effort was talking to other participants interested in the joining the team. To some degree even recruited people to the team.

Ours was one of the first teams to complete and we dashed off to a room for brainstorming. I captured our thought in a mind mapping software (try www.mindmeister.com). It was difficult to not want to digress into topic applicable for a startup, but not for the exerciser of the weekends event. As the Product Management a ‘play-book’ was authored for the weekend and we broke for the night.

Here is what we did:

SME and BA Team

  • scope the requirements
  • develop the pitch
  • make the deck

The Back-End Team

  1. Created the source control project in bitbucket
  2. Created an account to host our solution on heroku
  3. Created the Ubuntu development Virtual Machine(some already had one)
    1. Rubly on Rails Framework
    2. Sublime Text editor
    3. monngoDB for the database
  4. Coded the MVC like crazy!

The Front-End Team

  1. Installed twitter bootstrap
  2. Create Logo
  3. Author style guild
  4. Developed page layouts for:
    1. Landing page
    2. About page
    3. Price page
    4. Contact page
    5. Sign-up page
    6. Login page

Day two was polishing the UI (User Interface), push to production, and working on the pitch.

The market viability and our execution landed us #2

Any local entrepreneur should check the ATDC calendar for upcoming events such as the Alpharetta meet-up.

The next great event is the TiE southeast event in Atlanta: http://atlanta.tie.org

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